Protection on Personal Information


In order to truly ensure the protection of personal information and its proper utilization, TakemotoPiano takes the following measures:


1. In all departments where the individual information of customers is possibly related, we assign a key person specially in charge of properly administrating the personal information.


2. When we need the customers to provide us the individual information, we not only set up a special Window, but also restrict the request of this personal details within the necessary range, according to the purpose of this request.


3. In case of the necessity of using the personal information of customers, we will first ask the customers’ approval, and use this information within the permitted range.


4. When we use customers’ personal details after having their permission, we will not disclose this individual information to any third parties, except when we have to entrust other companies for business purpose.


5. In view of the previous 4 Articles, we will sign a confidential agreement with the business’ trustee concerning the protection of individual information, so that the customers’ personal details will be properly protected without being disclosed and/or re-used.


6. When the customer needs to confirm, modify or delete his personal information, he shall contact our relevant person in charge, and we will react correspondently within the reasonable range.


7. We always do our best to administrate the security of the personal information and to avoid the risks of improper links, modification and disclosure etc..


8. While respecting the relevant laws and regulations in connection with the protection of personal information, we will improve and upgrade continuously our management capacities in view of the environmental evolutions.


An insurance policy on personal information’ disclosure has been subscribed by TAKEMOTO PIANO Co. Ltd..
Although we have undertaken our best efforts to protect the personal information, the insurance policy on personal information’ disclosure has been also subscribed for the purpose of just in case.